Monday, June 13, 2005


I am a bald woman.


I have shaved off my 'amazing' hair. I did it for the Leukaemia Foundation

I raised about $2000 for it, with some money still to come in from pledges, selling it on ebay (I did, too!!!) and from the wig-makers who are buying the by-product. Not a bad effort, really.

Do I regret it? Well, it certainly feels strange, and I forget about it, so get as much of a shock from the reactions of people when they see it for the first time as they seem to get. No doubt I will experience times where I wish it was there, but it's not and it's another thing in life that is now fuss-free and that's good. Isn't it?

The first time I went to bed without my hair, I did something really strange. I sleep on my stomach, without a pillow, and in order not to suffocate myself with my locks, I would flick my hair to one side, kind of scoop it with one hand to stop any tickly bits from escaping and put my head down. You don't need to do this when you're bald, but I did it anyway. As soon as I did, I had a bit of a giggle to myself. How silly. I wasn't aware of my ritual until I did it needlessly!

In other trivial news, I have a cold. I got it the day before I shaved my head. I'm blaming Casyn, even though we've not had much contact, but that's the only person I can think of who has had a cold and I've had direct conversations with. Funnily, even though there are people at work with the bug that's going around, I don't think I've had conversations with them. Not planned, just the way it's worked out.

My cold has two more days to remove itself - I never get sick for long and always blast myself with vitamins and cold treatments at the first sign of symptoms so it doesn't take hold - cos I'm going to the Laura Festival. Yay! Three and a half hours on a plane and four hours of driving, each way, wouldn't be fun if I was still snifling, quite aside from the festival itself. I'm going with my friend, Boori, and can't wait to stop, look, listen, feel and just be an anonymous person without responsibilities, a face in the crowd, for three days. After that, I'm going to be a backpacker for a couple of days, before heading home again. It should be fabulous.

And will I be selfconscious about being bald through all this? Nope. I'm told I have a good head on my shoulders.


Blogger Violet said...

You're utterly bald? I hope the weather over there is nice and warm then. Over here in NZ you need all the hair you can muster, even if it's under your armpits.

2:15 pm  
Blogger Brass Monkey said...

Yay you!! Fantastic - VERY impressed. Are you getting used to it yet? I think it's a good thing every now and again to do things and present yourself in a different light. It makes people realise that it's YOU that they appreciate and not your hair or the clothes you wear.

I can't get anyone to sponsor me shaving my legs - I'd do it as well... and I'd even think of following your sterling example and remove ALL hair. (the obvious stuff, anyway) In fact, I've gone the opposite way and started growing a beard... but it'll be gone by Sunday.

Just read the very first post you read & commented on my blog. Feeling nostalgic!!

Hope you're well,

1:03 am  
Blogger Brass Monkey said...

I just realised my blogger profile doesn't point the way back to ;)


1:04 am  
Blogger SingleFin said...

You're back! Yay for you!

10:45 pm  

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