Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Happy Snap

Here, albeit somewhat belated, is Pixie and the Pixettes. I can only spot four in this piccy, but I assure you there are five!

They will be two weeks old tonight and in that time have opened their eyes (on the weekend), doubled in size and started wobbling around a bit in their box.

The funniest thing about wobbling around in their box with their eyes open is that they have started to play. The funniest thing about that goes with a script from me a little like this...

"Oh, there's one of my siblings, looking all peaceful. I think I'll go and jump on them!"
Kitten begins wobbly trek of 10cm to where vulnerable sibling lies, blissfully unaware.
After 5 cm:
"Damn it! My hind legs can't keep up with the rest of me!
"Geez this slope is tough!"
"I'm sure my head is getting bigger as I walk. It's sure getting harder to hold up!"
As they make thier destination, all they can do is collapse onto their fellow-kitten with their mouth open.

Amidst the gnawing and waving of paws that follows, one invariably ends up on its back and takes several minutes to right itself again, all the time flailing around like Kafka's bug in Metamorphosis.

They seem to like me and sometimes even wobble over to me. A couple have started to purr every now and then and I've been gummed a few times. Pixie seems to have temporarily given up on bringing them to bed with me (two nights and counting) and we are a most contented household.

Kitten-TV rules in this house!


Blogger C said...

Look at 'em! =)

Have you named? Are you keeping them?

8:10 pm  
Blogger SingleFin said...


8:51 pm  
Blogger Draic said...

Ooooh! Fluffballs! :D
It's slightly alarming that i can only find one kitten's head, and no other identifying features of any of the other kittens. Yet somehow the silvery one still reminds me of a squirrel.
I want me a cat. but I don't think they're allowed here in the sharehouse :(

2:32 am  
Blogger Pickwick said...


They are named by their features at the moment. I don't want to get too attached as they will be re-homed except for one of them - yet to be decided. So, for now they are named according to colouring: Silver, Stripe, Smoke, Sox and Mini-mum. I'd like to keep a boy and call him Fergus, but we'll see what happens.

Wish I could put video in blogger and show them wrestling!

5:39 am  
Blogger Draic said...

While we wait for video feed of the pixettes, i stumbled across some more kitten antics here

3:57 pm  
Blogger verbs said...

Dratted spam! Apparently you can implement a word verification thing which helps reduce the incidence of comment spam. It seems to be everywhere at the moment.

11:29 pm  

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