Monday, September 05, 2005

I'm not usually much of a political person...

... but Tony Abbott makes me really, really, really fucking angry.

He makes me angry pretty much every time he opens his mouth. I first heard him speak in person in 1999 and I thought he was a knob then. On a panel, he attempted to hijack every question that was asked of other panellists and successfully painted himself an arrogant, narrow-minded fool. Another panellist, Tim Costello - that other idiot-Costello's brother and now head of World Vision in Australia - was talking total sense about strategies for the safe management of otherwise unsafe illicit drug-taking practices and Abbott repeatedly failed to listen, in course completely failing to divert the thrust of the discussion. Whilst the good twin was daring to dream of practical and compassionate responses to reality, the pollie dug his heels into that rich, privileged soil from which he hales and dug himself a hole not quite deep enough for my liking.

Fuck it.

I'm so angy, I can't even really articulate my full response to him. This is the censored version.

The really fucking annoying thing about Abbott is the electorate that was stupid enough to vote him in.



Blogger Ben said...

that's the problem with politicians—they're too political.

11:35 am  

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